The Christos Connection
The famous Running Fence project by the environmental artists Christo and Jeane-Claude was constructed throughout Sonoma County in 1972. Beginning on the vineyard property, the fence ran over 24 miles to the ocean. Running Fence was made of 200,000 square meters of heavy woven white nylon fabric, hung from a steel cable strung between 2,050 steel poles embedded 1 meter into the ground, using no concrete and braced laterally with guy wires and 14,000 earth anchors. The fabric for the fence was originally woven to be used for automobile safety air-bags. But the Nixon White House allowed the car-makers to delay implementation of the air-bag laws for more than 10 years. That decision meant there was lots of air-bag fabric available at a reasonable price. The art project consisted of: forty-two months of collaborative efforts and the drafting of a four-hundred and fifty page Environmental Impact Report. We at Karah Estate are pleased to have some of the most famous artwork in the world take part on our vineyard property.