Our Vineyards

It Begins In The Vineyard Even in the hands of the finest winemaker, marginal fruit can only produce marginal wine. Here at the vineyards, we see subtle differences that can alter wines dramatically. In particular, the changes in taste that can occur from simply using a different type of bud wood. We use simplicity as a means to create a good backbone for wine production. Pinot noir grapes can be compared to white roses with different hues and textures, with different selections producing different flavors. We have made an effort to collect multiple historical selections of Pinot noir to offer the broadest pallet of choices while searching for the ideal situation for our ranch. Once the best combinations of selections are found, we plan to plant an additional 35 acres on the property to pursue the highest quality for the Pinot noir grape.

As inland valley air heats up, it pulls cool coastal air inward, constantly cooling the grapes and keeping them in the temperature range that the Pinot noir grape enjoys. The naturally formed Petaluma Gap that opens directly from the Bodega Bay and travels to the San Francisco Bay provides for a tube of coastal air to hit the hillsides of our vineyard constantly. The hills make for superior drainage and provide for a natural frost-control system that protects the grapes from spring frost. Due to its cool nature, the site is the ideal climate for the growth and maturity for Pinot noir grapes and is the basis for our success.

Through rigorous soil monitoring and grape-leave tissue analysis, we determine the nutritional requirement of the vines to keep them healthy and at the highest possible level of production. By monitoring the soil pH and adding calcium carbonate or limestone to raise the pH of the soil, the soil’s fertility is optimized. This provides the vines with optimal nutrients and improves the quality of the wine. This renders a much greater control of grape taste and personality.

"By combining experience and passion we are devoted to the pursuit of the highest expression of the Pinot noir grape as wine."