Our Vineyards

The Northface is the backbone of our vineyards. 12 acres planted in 1995 on the northern exposure of the north side of the property, its soils contain a sandy loam top-soil on top of heavy clay soils. The first vineyard to produce grapes, it has been responsible for the 2001 and 2002 Vintages. Getting the direct breeze from the coastal winds, it has the most moderate climate of the entire vineyard and is the least affected by the other elements of the hill site. The first two vintages from this vineyard each received a silver medal from the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

Vertical shoot positioned and drip irrigated vines planted on 12 foot spacing and budded to a single Pinot noir selection. This vineyard has been a very shy producer. The low vigor soils and cool climate tends to moderate our production. We have found that we are as much as 20 degrees cooler than other vineyard areas in Sonoma County, mostly due to the ocean breezes that moderate the temperature at this site.

The wines that we have made from Northface consistently produce a wine with a fragrance of black cherry and elements of currant. Tastes of plums when young the wines of Northface evolve into seamless raspberry and cherry flavors in the palate. We have found that the wine from Northface benefit greatly from a longer barrel aging regime and are bottled after 24 months in the barrel.