Our Vineyards

Terrazas de Oro
Terraces of gold are the name we chose to give this vineyard. Planted originally in 1995 this 4 acre vineyard suffered a massive ground slide in 1998 which rendered it not farmable. The vines were removed and the slide was repaired only to have portions slide again. In 2004, after much research in slide management, we decided to attempt a repair. Through the Department of Agriculture we acquired matching funds for the repair. The costs were extremely high for the repair so this is how we decided to name it Terrazas de Oro (Terraces of Gold). The vineyard was replanted in 2005 to a 10 ft. spacing allowing for the formation of terraces for drainage control and to be able to farm this hillside. The vineyard was planted to rootstock and we plan to graft these vines to a single selection of very interesting Pinot noir from a historical site.