Our Vineyards

The Vesinos is the 12 acres that surround the winery proper. Planted in 2000 from three selections of Pinot Noir bud stock from Burgundy, these acres are nestled near the tops of the hills and are warmer than the other vineyards as they are planted on the lee side of the hills where the wind does not have as large an effect. When the winery was first established, a party was thrown for the local residents and neighbors to celebrate our neighborhood winery. To honor our friends and neighbors we named this vineyard, Vesinos, which is Spanish for Neighbors.

We had our first production in 2003 with 125 cases produced. Production increased in the 2004 and 2005 from this vertical shoot positioned vineyard. Planted to a 10 ft. spacing and drip irrigated these vines are responding to our care by giving us a markedly different and exciting wine.

The wines from Vesinos are remarkably intense and fruity when young and over the course of the first year become integrated and accessible to the palate. When young the wine is intensely fruity, after about 4 months in barrel, the wine pulls the fruitiness back into itself yielding a soft and subtle integrated wine that will age well. Typically Vesinos is bottled after 24 months in the barrel.